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Press Quotes
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Press quotes from 2006:
www.gamezone.de about Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam:
"Nonetheless, the playable characters are not only clearly distinguished optically - the dubbing actors are really in character, both in the English and in the German voice output, and again leave a positive impression."
www.4players.de about Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam:
"On the other hand, the speech is superb, without exception: Especially the skaters' comments before each round, which you can view individually in the video menu, are not just funny, but also well-dubbed."
www.onlinewelten.com about Call of Duty 3:
"The sounds come across well, generating a real feeling of honour. The German synchronisation is also convincing."
December 2006
Gamestar about Neverwinter Nights 2:
"The dialogues are the highlights of the game. (...) Excellent translation (...) The texts in the game have all been translated professionally. (...) The characters' strengths and weaknesses in Neverwinter Nights 2 are underlined with plenty of wit, charm and patience. The fact that the narrow-minded brute Khelgar has to learn tolerance leads to a lot of smiles ('Prejudiced? I'm not prejudiced! By the Nine Hells, I even travel with a back-stabbing tiefling of all things, and you know how her kind are!')."
December 2006
PowerPlay about Neverwinter Nights 2:
"The dialogues fit in well with the high-quality story."
December 2006
Gamestar about Stronghold Legends:
"excellent speech (...) good German actors"
www.gamigo.de about Neverwinter Nights 2:
"And there are plenty of laughs, too. You will sometimes see as many hilariously funny dialogues here as you would normally find only in several games."
www.looki.de about Call of Duty 3:
"The localisation work is particularly well done, the game uses professional dubbing actors and has been completely translated into German."
www.gamecaptain.de about Destroy all Humans! 2 - Make War not Love
"The excellent English voice recordings have - thankfully - been kept and have been flawlessly subtitled in German."
www.gamezone.de about Destroy all Humans! 2 - Make War not Love
"It is impossible to find fault with the translation, the team even took pains to accurately transport the humor as well. Experts know that it isn't always easy to translate the punch line of a witty phrase from English into German. In this case, we take our hats off to the developers and the responsible parties: The translation work can definitely be classed as a success."
www.gamecaptain.de about Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption:
"The German actors have all done their stuff really well, the voice of Tyber Zann is particularly convincing."
November 2006
Gamestar about Gothic 3:
"As usual in the Gothic series, all the dialogues (sometimes with a charming sarcastic undertone) were dubbed by truly professional actors. (...) very good actors"
www.gamezone.de about Stronghold Legends:
"The acoustics, on the other hand, are exemplary and almost make up for the damage to the atmosphere done by the graphics. The German voice-overs, in particular, leave a good impression with their charm. The amusing texts will make you smile from time to time - and they were all recorded by highly professional-sounding, motivated actors."
www.krawall.de about Stronghold Legends:
"The speech, on the other hand, is convincing, with a charming, medieval vocabulary."
www.mega-gaming.de about Stronghold Legends:
"The German actors used also sound very good and breathe virtual life into the heroes. They and the distinctive narrator create a truly professional impression where the German synchronisation is concerned. (...) + very good acoustics"
www.gamecaptain.de about Stronghold Legends:
"Prepare your ears for plenty of authentic sounds. Roaring dragons, the rattle of swords and the soldiers' screams as they charge the enemy. The actors also give a professional impression."
www.gamesmania.de about Gothic 3:
"Very good German actors were selected for the many dialogues, and the sound effects are exceptional."
games.looki.de about Gothic 3:
"On the other hand, the sound designers deserve some praise. Where the voice-overs and the backdrop of sound as well as the impressive underlying music are concerned, the developers of Gothic 3 are well ahead of their competitors. "
www.mega-gaming.de about Gothic 3:
"The third installment of the Gothic series has again been recorded professionally and is as successful as the soundtrack."
www.gamecaptain.de about Gothic 3:
"Believable dialogues and derisive comments (along with top voice output) outside of the usual stereotypical fantasy are a huge strength of the game"
www.gameswelt.de about Gothic 3:
"+ very good voice-overs"
www.4players.de about Gothic 3:
"First of all, with regard to music and, at the latest after the first dialogues, also with regard to atmosphere, everything is as we know it: epic, coarse and free - that is what the tradition of the series promises, what the fans expect. (...) Pro: good spoken dialogues, speech: very good"
www.mega-gaming.de about CivCity: Rome:
"The building sim leaves a thoroughly good impression acoustically. The missions are accompanied by pleasant background music that is good to listen to. All the German voices are pleasing to the ears too, publisher Take 2 has even used some known actors."
www.krawall.de about Over the Hedge:
"The little animals' phrases are entertaining and varied."
www.gamevision.de about Over the Hedge:
"Just as on the cinema screens, the little creatures on your screen at home are having anything but trouble finding the right words, and fill the gamers' ears with many an amusing dialogue and sample that work together with the crazy action to create a completely fun atmosphere. (...) + Good voice-over acting"
www.gamecaptain.de about Over the Hedge:
"The German actors also do their job very well"
April 2006
Gamestar about Star Wars: Empire at War:
"Sound + professional actors 10/10 points (...) All characters and units have been recorded by professional actors."
www.game7.de about Star Wars: Empire at War:
"Sound: 88% - Fitting music, good synchronisation"
www.gamebasis.de about Star Wars: Empire at War:
"Apart from the original soundtrack and the good voice-overs by actors who are very close to the German voices from the Star Wars movies, the original music contributes greatly to the game's excellent Star Wars atmosphere. "
www.krawall.de about Star Wars: Empire at War:
"The synchronisation is also well done. (...) The sound effects and good synchronisation justify top ratings for the sound."
February 2006
Das Offizielle Xbox-Magazin about Shrek SuperSlam:
"The cutscenes keep you laughing all the time, which is especially down to the German voice-overs and original dubbing actors."
www.4players.de about Call of Duty 2: Big Red One:
"The action is accompanied by rather monotonous menu music and a lot of very good German voice recordings."
January 2006
Das Offizielle Xbox-Magazin about Star Wars Battlefront II:
"(...) Each level begins with an introduction by a (very well synchronised) elite soldier of the 501st legion."
January 2006
PlayZone about Call of Duty 2: Big Red One:
"(...) The orchestral notes match the action on the battlefields perfectly and, like the speech, are of the highest quality."
January 2006
PC Action about Call of Duty 2:
"Moreover, your own people and the Germans yell many warnings with excellent voice-overs."
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Gloomhaven in nationwide awards: 
"Localised by Effective Media, Gloomhaven was voted one of the top ten games from among all board games released in German within Germany in the nationwide awards "Deutscher Spielepreis 2019"."  
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www.4players.de about
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War:
"+ powerful German voice-overs"  
www.gamepro.de about
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time:
"(...) story with a few time travel twists and really funny, well-written dialogues."  
www.4players.de about
Civilization VI (console version):
"+ good German localisation"  
www.gamestar.de about
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:
"Modern Warfare actually succeeds better than most instalments of the CoD series at making its characters feel tangible. The acting for the roles of Farah and Price, in particular, is as brilliant as is the contrast between the two (...) + good German & English voice-overs"  
www.gamepro.de about
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:
"The soundtrack with its staggering weapon sounds, directional effects, and good German voice-overs is top-notch (...) In that regard, the campaign of the "new" Modern Warfare really rolls like thunder."  
www.games.ch about
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice:
"Publisher Activision also invested in a completely localised German version with very good German dubbing."  
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