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Press quotes from 2009:
www.next2games.de about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2:
"The great overall impression is rounded off by an absolutely flawless synchronisation and the soundtrack."
www.gameradio.de about Planet 51
"The characters were well-dubbed, and the actors give them charm and individuality."
www.gamezone.de about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2:
"good German synchronisation"
www.gamona.de about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2:
"Acoustically, Modern Warfare 2 is top class (...) sound award"
www.onlinewelten.com about Bakugan: Battle Brawlers
"The voice-overs and soundtrack are good and capture the "spirit" of the TV series well."
www.exp.de about Bakugan: Battle Brawlers
"The characters sound very believable and the dubbing actors did an excellent job."
November 2009
GameStar about Wolfenstein:
"+ good German actors"
November 2009
GameStar about Risen:
"+ Very good actors / sound: 10/10 points"
www.gameradio.de about Risen:
"The actors are magnificent."
www.gamezone.de about Risen:
"Rarely have we heard such excellent voice-overs, which bring every emotion to life and let even subtleties such as mockery, contempt, anger or sympathy be heard. The actors' work is emotional and superb - we therefore express our thanks to all responsible."
www.gamecaptain.de about Risen:
"The brilliant actors and the realistic dialogues are highly entertaining and lend personality and emotion, and in some cases even a certain depth, to the characters."
www.looki.de about Risen:
"While the story is only moderately exciting, the excellent dubbing actors do a great job of telling it."
www.demonews.de about Risen:
"The casting is flawless, the intonation spot-on."
www.gamona.de about Risen:
"The story has been wonderfully told, and is suitably brought to life by good dubbing actors."
www.ePrison.de about Risen:
"Now we come to the absolute highlight of Risen. Rarely have voice-overs amused and entertained me as much as when playing Risen. The gruff and natural tone is just awesome. Every single sentence was recording, and all of the acting is first-class. In some cases, with their Berlin accents the actors make for the highest entertainment value in Risen. More than once I was laughing out loud, because the dialogue was just too wonderful and perfectly described the situation."
www.xboxdynasty.de about Risen:
"Excellently spoken dialogue."
www.pcgames.de about Risen:
"The VO meanwhile is beyond reproach. Every single character in the game world delivers his lines with a suitable voice, whether in a sad dialogue, a snide remark or a taunt, and the actors' performance is well worth listening to."
nextgen.at about Cursed Mountain:
"Acoustically, Cursed Mountain is definitely compelling. The German dubbing voice has been very well recorded."
www.extreme-players.de about Wolfenstein:
"The sound of this title, on the other hand, is very good all the way through. All the actors feel authentic."
www.gamezone.de about Cursed Mountain:
"The VO is very well done. The voices are full of emotion, and at no time does the acting appear monotonous or unmotivated."
www.gameswelt.de about Cursed Mountain:
"Our praise goes to the German voice recordings."
www.gamona.de about Cursed Mountain:
"The dark images with moving planes are pleasantly effective as a storytelling feature - especially as Koch Media engaged excellent German actors who give a compelling performance."
September 2009
www.looki.de about Cursed Mountain:
"The dubbing actors suit the game perfectly, and when Eric begins to doubt his sanity once more, it is thoroughly believable. (...) The German voice recordings are also completely flawless. Convincing actors transport the horror straight to your living room."
September 2009
www.krawall.de about Cursed Mountain:
"Last, but not least, we have the good German actors whose contribution to the atmosphere is not to be underestimated."
September 2009
www.onlinewelten.com about Cursed Mountain:
"On the other hand, the sound is almost ridiculously great, and the ghostly groans and relentless winds are sure to make your skin crawl. The actors also do their job well."
www.eprison.de about Wolfenstein:
"All the German actors sound convincing and convey the characters' emotions well (...) + good German voice-overs"
August 2009
PC Games about Wolfenstein:
"Besides, the German synchronization is great fun: enthusiastic actors, appropriate texts - a game for which there is no need to go to all the trouble of importing the English version. [...] The game works wonderfully without such crude showiness, and is compelling thanks to the good production, creative ideas and an atmospheric soundtrack (including good German dubbing actors)."
August 2009
PC Action about Wolfenstein:
"...but what I really love is the small tidbits that some might consider unimportant: good localization, orchestral music and little gags..."
www.xboxuser.de about Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs:
"The German VO is crystal clear, and you can really tell that professional dubbing actors (...) were at work here. In typical Ice Age fashion, the characters cannot resist dropping the odd snappy remark that adds variety to the game. (...) The amusingly, fluidly animated characters, combined with the excellent German voice recordings, make this a humorous Ice Age adventure."
www.gamezone.de about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen:
"An excellent, grandiose soundtrack full of orchestral sounds and choral music makes for a great acoustic atmosphere. The music fits in perfectly with the action and is very impressive, as are the German voice-overs."
www.4Players.de about Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs:
"As far as acoustics go, there is little to criticise: All versions are multilingual with excerpts from the orchestral soundtrack, and the actors have been well chosen, both in the primarily examined German version, and in the English game."
www.einslive.de about Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs:
"The result is a colourful adventure enhanced by the enjoyable dialogue."
July 2009
de.videogames.games.yahoo.com about Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs:
"The synchronisation, on the other hand, is sound and continues throughout the game."
July 2009
www.gamezone.de about Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs:
"The story is told through good cave drawings and German voice-overs. These come close to the original movie voices, thus recreating the charm of the motion picture. Players can eavesdrop on arguments between the heroes, especially Sid and Diego, and will thus encounter amusing dialogues, while numerous comments during the course of the game are guaranteed to make you chuckle."
www.looki.de about Monsters vs Aliens:
"Changing background music depending on the level type and excellent German voice-overs in all dialogues bring the game to life perfectly."
www.gamingxp.com about Monsters vs Aliens:
"(...) the actors do a very good job"
www.4players.de about Monsters vs Aliens:
"+ good localisation"
www.gamecaptain.de about Monsters vs Aliens:
"(...) with good German actors"
www.gamingmedia.de about Monsters vs Aliens:
"The acoustic presentation of Monsters vs. Aliens is more positive, especially thanks to the German dubbing actors and the occasional jokes, which lead players to smile from time to time."
www.krawall.de about Empire: Total War:
"The soundtrack sends shivers down your spine, the background noise on the battlefield is stirring, and the actors perform excellently."
www.gameswelt.de about Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer
"All the actors perform superbly and are very much in character."
January 2009
Computer Bild Spiele about Call of Duty: World at War:
"The good German synchronisation helps to make the game one you will never want to stop playing. (...) Very professional acting, grade A"
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Gloomhaven in nationwide awards: 
"Localised by Effective Media, Gloomhaven was voted one of the top ten games from among all board games released in German within Germany in the nationwide awards "Deutscher Spielepreis 2019"."  
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www.4players.de about
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War:
"+ powerful German voice-overs"  
www.gamepro.de about
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time:
"(...) story with a few time travel twists and really funny, well-written dialogues."  
www.4players.de about
Civilization VI (console version):
"+ good German localisation"  
www.gamestar.de about
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:
"Modern Warfare actually succeeds better than most instalments of the CoD series at making its characters feel tangible. The acting for the roles of Farah and Price, in particular, is as brilliant as is the contrast between the two (...) + good German & English voice-overs"  
www.gamepro.de about
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:
"The soundtrack with its staggering weapon sounds, directional effects, and good German voice-overs is top-notch (...) In that regard, the campaign of the "new" Modern Warfare really rolls like thunder."  
www.games.ch about
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice:
"Publisher Activision also invested in a completely localised German version with very good German dubbing."  
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