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Effective Media - your partner for professional localisation
.Professional translation of the software and any accompanying materials for all significant international markets.

.Familiarity with the specific terminology of all common computer systems, consoles, and hand-held devices.

.An affinity with different styles of language and terminology for maximum authenticity.

.Handling of all common formats, including source code or HTML.

.Use of translation software and/or databases on request.

.Editing of FMV sequences, printed materials and graphics containing texts.

.Translations exclusively by native speakers.

A good translation takes different language registers into consideration, as well as the context of the software. Be it a clear and concise technical description, a commentator's jargon, the slang of the streets, or historical texts - not one project resembles another in the end, as we always take the context and background of a product into consideration.

Our experienced team of translators and the international agencies we work with translate not only program texts, recording scripts, printed materials and packaging, but also promotional materials, website contents and press releases for all significant international markets. In order to guarantee a high linguistic quality, it is our policy to work exclusively with native speakers as translators and proofreaders.

You may provide us with your data in any desired form: We are capable of handling all common formats, and are also familiar with working in source code and HTML, as well as using special translation tools and/or databases.
Naturally, we are familiar with the terminology of all common computer and operating systems, consoles, and hand-held systems, and always stay on top of the latest developments. We will also edit in-game FMV sequences for you that contain text, as well as translate printed materials and the packaging for your product.

What you receive from us is more than a simple translation. We give you a convincing adaptation of your texts in the target language that lacks none of its original atmosphere, but gains individuality through the particularities of the target country.
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Gloomhaven in nationwide awards: 
"Localised by Effective Media, Gloomhaven was voted one of the top ten games from among all board games released in German within Germany in the nationwide awards "Deutscher Spielepreis 2019"."  
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www.4players.de about
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War:
"+ powerful German voice-overs"  
www.gamepro.de about
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time:
"(...) story with a few time travel twists and really funny, well-written dialogues."  
www.4players.de about
Civilization VI (console version):
"+ good German localisation"  
www.gamestar.de about
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:
"Modern Warfare actually succeeds better than most instalments of the CoD series at making its characters feel tangible. The acting for the roles of Farah and Price, in particular, is as brilliant as is the contrast between the two (...) + good German & English voice-overs"  
www.gamepro.de about
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:
"The soundtrack with its staggering weapon sounds, directional effects, and good German voice-overs is top-notch (...) In that regard, the campaign of the "new" Modern Warfare really rolls like thunder."  
www.games.ch about
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice:
"Publisher Activision also invested in a completely localised German version with very good German dubbing."  
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