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Effective Media - your partner for professional localisation
Why come to Effective Media?

....we offer our advice on country and language-specific difficulties at an early stage - saving you time and money.

....we adapt games along with their manuals, packaging, advertising materials, etc. to the requirements of the target market.

....we guarantee that your projects will be dealt with promptly; even urgent and large projects can be realised in keeping with our high standard of quality.

....we have many years of experience with the international software market.

....it has been confirmed by positive reactions in specialist magazines and on the market that our professionalism definitely pays off.

....we are there for our customers in an emergency. Any time.

We have been working in this field of the software industry for many years, and have localised more than 1,000 titles from all genres. Be it action, adventure, simulation, strategy, sports, casual games, epic role-playing games or MMOs - we look back on long years of experience, and are familiar with a wide range of topics.

Consoles, hand-held devices, or PC - no problem! Through our experience with the diverse range of projects we have been privileged to work on, we are well aware of the issues and requirements, as well as the proper terminology of all current platforms.

Due to our experience, we are also familiar with the German software market and its laws and regulations (USK, BPjM, etc.). Thus, we can offer advice regarding possible sales restrictions (legal restrictions, age limitations, etc.) at an early stage, and work with you to find solutions.
Each project is handled by a project coordinator who acts as a clearly defined point of contact between you and Effective Media.

For voice recordings, we co-operate with various large and renowned recording studios. This means we can guarantee that your texts will be brought to life not only fast, but also in the highest quality. In addition, we are able to contract dubbing voices widely known from radio, film, and TV.

We provide complete localisation services for your software, comprising translation, casting of dubbing voices, voice recordings, conversion, cutting and editing of the recorded materials for later integration into your programs. Moreover, we offer a final round of quality assurance for the finished localised version by experienced, native-speaking testers.
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Gloomhaven in nationwide awards: 
"Localised by Effective Media, Gloomhaven was voted one of the top ten games from among all board games released in German within Germany in the nationwide awards "Deutscher Spielepreis 2019"."  
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www.4players.de about
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War:
"+ powerful German voice-overs"  
www.gamepro.de about
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time:
"(...) story with a few time travel twists and really funny, well-written dialogues."  
www.4players.de about
Civilization VI (console version):
"+ good German localisation"  
www.gamestar.de about
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:
"Modern Warfare actually succeeds better than most instalments of the CoD series at making its characters feel tangible. The acting for the roles of Farah and Price, in particular, is as brilliant as is the contrast between the two (...) + good German & English voice-overs"  
www.gamepro.de about
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:
"The soundtrack with its staggering weapon sounds, directional effects, and good German voice-overs is top-notch (...) In that regard, the campaign of the "new" Modern Warfare really rolls like thunder."  
www.games.ch about
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice:
"Publisher Activision also invested in a completely localised German version with very good German dubbing."  
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